Glyphfriend Updated to v1.1

Apparently when you build a Visual Studio extension that is based on third-party libraries, it's quite important to remember that things like these change a lot. So I took an hour or so this week and decided to bring Glyphfriend up to »

Making the Leap to ASP.NET MVC 6 Beta 8

I've been extremely happy with the new MVC6 environment (colloquially known as vNext) thus far. It's met all of my expectations and exceeded quite a few of them as well. Although one of the biggest challenges when developing in a Beta environment »

One Bad Apple Can Ruin The Deployment Process

Recently, I was updating an older iOS app that I had built in Xamarin to the latest version of iOS (iOS9) and I was once again reminded of how much I truly dread the App Store development and deployment process. This post »

More Watching and Less Reading with Webucator

Some people simply don't like to read. Blog posts, documentation and tutorials might often just be skimmed over by some developers who "just want the content" or what to be physically shown how to do something. If that sounds like you, then »

Persistent Cookies in MVC6

A few weeks ago, I found the need to create a persistent cookie within an ASP.NET MVC6 (colloquially known as "vNext") and nothing seemed to pop out when trying to figure this out, so I thought I would share this with »

Detecting AJAX Requests in ASP.NET MVC6

In today's web applications, there is an overwhelming reliance on Javascript and it's used all of the time for handling all sorts of behaviors (i.e. building your entire framework, loading and manipulating DOM elements, etc.). Often times, it can be useful »