Finding the ASP.NET Configuration Tool in Visual Studio 2012

When Visual Studio decided to get its most recent facelift with its 2012 release, you might have found yourself looking around for a few things that may have shifted during the trip. One of these things that was the ASP.NET Configuration tool, which you may know as the "wizard for managing Members and Roles" in .NET Applications.

It used to be a simple icon that could be found within the Solutions Explorer :

The Configuration Tool in Visual Studio 2010

But within the latest release, it seems to be gone :

Who Moved My Cheese?

The Problem

The ASP.NET Configuration appeared to have vanished from its familiar place within the Solution Explorer area in Visual Studio 2012. However can we go about finding it so that we can have an easy-to-use wizard help us manage our roles, users and more!

The Solution

The tool itself has simply been relocated within Visual Studio and can still easily be accessed using the following steps :

  • Click on your Project within the Solutions Explorer.
  • Select Project from the main menu within Visual Studio 2012.
  • Choose the ASP.NET Configuration option at the very bottom.

The Configuration can now be found under the Project Menu

This is actually the same location for the ASP.NET Configuration area as Visual Studio 2010 (and it has always been under the Project menu) but if you are used to accessing it via an icon, it can take a bit of time to find.