An Interesting List of Development Stuff (July 2014)

It’s been a rather busy month, so without further ado, here is this the July edition of the Interesting List of Development Stuff.

Bootstrap on a 386

If you ever encounter a client that simply hasn’t migrated to anything newer than a 386, but needs you to write a new web application for them, then you are in luck! Mark Otto and Jacob designed BOOTSTRA.386, a 386-themed Bootstrap theme that will be sure to bring back memories.

How to Destroy Developer Productivity

An excellent article from George Stocker regarding all of the everyday activities that can absolutely crush developer productivity. From developer arguments to open floor plans, George rattles off his experiences with what has and hasn’t worked for him in being more productive.

30 Days with Bootstrapping ASP.NET MVC

Fellow ASP.NET MVC James Chambers provides a very well written series on integrating the Twitter Bootstrap (not the previously mentioned BOOTSTRA.386) into ASP.NET MVC Applications. This 30-part series covers just about everything that you could think of and hits a number of common use-cases that developers may encounter when using Bootstrap. Highly recommended for any ASP.NET MVC Developers.

The Unspoken Truth about Managing Geeks

If you are reading this blog post, the likelihood is rather high that you could be classified as a “geek” or one of the many synonyms there are out there and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In this 2009 article from Computer World, Jeff Ello addresses many of the concerns that are faced when actually managing “geeks”. It’s not only a great article to read if you are in management and it likely wouldn’t hurt to read it if you are one of the “geeks” being managed either.

vNext, vNext, Read all about it!

ASP.NET vNext has slowly been creeping into the Microsoft Development realm recently and although it is still in it’s earlier phases, it’s never too late to Get Started learning it. This ASP.NET tutorial series introduces vNext and walks through how to not only Get Started with vNext, but it provides a step-by-step tutorial for several different projects (and platforms).

A Compilation of Architecture and Patterns in ASP.NET

The patterns are strong with this one. In this post, .NET Developer Andras Nemes compiles an absolutely monstrous list of .NET implementations of just about every major design pattern that you could think of (and many that I am sure you couldn’t). It doesn’t only feature code snippets of their implementations, but also sample projects.