Glyphfriend 1.5.2 Released!

It's been around three months since the last major release for Glyphfriend, which consisted of quite a few new additions and a few minor housekeeping issues. This latest release focused quite a bit on a different animal entirely: performance.

What's New In 1.5.2?

As usual, this update consisted of support for the latest version of quite a few of the most popular libraries as well as the introduction of some new features that should help with any performance-related issues.

  • Updated Font Awesome Library to 4.6.3
    • Updated Font Awesome to the latest version and added all of the glyphs that were included within the 4.6.3 release.
  • Updated Octicons Library to 4.3.0
    • Updated Octicons to the latest version and added all of the glyphs that were included within the 4.3.0 release.
  • Updated Material Design Library to 1.7.22
    • Updated Material Design to the latest version and added all of the glyphs that were included within the 1.7.22 release.
  • General Application Cleanup
    • Moved several of the existing directories around to better organize the project. Removed any unused references and using statements and attempted to just clean things up overall.
  • Improved Asynchronous Glyph Loading
    • Implemented a mechanism to handle loading Glyphs asynchronously during the auto-completion process to avoid any blocking calls and ensure the async requests are resolved on the appropriate UI thread. (Special thanks to Mads and Jimmy from the Visual Studio team as well as GitHub user Jotting89.

Still Going Strong

The project itself is still going strong with over 275,000 downloads at the time of this writing with new and improving support across a wide range of libraries that is continuing to grow.

Specifically since the last release, the project has created more discussion than any time previously. GitHub issues, questions on the gallery, enough e-mails to fill a few inboxes, and I just wanted to take some time to thank everyone that has played even a small part in the project as it continues to grow.

If you want to contribute or be a part of working on Glyphfriend, please visit the GitHub repository. Pull requests and feature requests are always welcome.

What's Next?

With the Glyphfriend.Code project still sitting on the tarmac (awaiting SDK support in Visual Studio Code), the next release will likely consist of a variety of improvements to existing libraries as well as support for the Visual Studio 15 IDE.