Today I Learned: Quick Command-Line Access in Windows

Nowadays, you may find yourself spending more time staring at one of those black command prompts instead of your usual, pretty Windows folders. The rise in client-side tooling and frameworks have made the command-line a commonly used tool, even in the .NET ecosystem.

This can be intimidating to folks that weren't forged through those "hack the Gibson" montages throughout their childhood. For the average Windows user, the command-line can be a scary and intimidating place, and the constant cd {your-directory-here} calls might be driving you a bit crazy.

If that sounds like you, then I hope you can make it to the next paragraph...

There's an easier way.

You can easily open up a new command-line window from the Windows explorer by simply holding the SHIFT key and right-clicking within a folder to reveal the 'Open the Command Window here' option :

It's almost too easy

So - if you have to do something at the command-line level, but don't exactly like traversing around your file system with it. This should be right up your alley. Just click over to your favorite directory and spin up a new command prompt with the literal click of a button.

It was new to me, and hopefully it's new (and helpful) to you.