Creatively Common Resources

Some people hate designing things, and that's okay. But one thing that they might hate more is being sued for copyright infringement (for using content that someone else created without their expressed permission).

Recently, I participated in a discussion on this topic and thought I'd share a handful of sites that I've turned to in the past for high quality, freely available content. If you are a designer, web developer, or just a blogger that needs some nice, shiny images, these will be right up your alley.

All of the following resources should be licensed under Creative Commons (or at equally-worded license) for you to use at your own leisure:

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but if you need some seriously high-resolution images to freely use - consider checking some of them out.

NOTE: If you are planning on using any of these images for non-personal or commercial use, please double-check all specifics for that particular image (as some sites vary).